DIY 6U 90HP Eurorack Travel Case

I have been researching many case designs and decided to build my own case – both to save some money and to suit my design needs. Inspired by some of the case designs by Monorocket, MDLR Case, and the great MuffWiggler DIY Case thread, I’ve dived right into the DIY world.


 MDLR Case

I built my case around the SynthRacks 90HP rails. So the wood was cut according to those rail dimensions. I’ve drew up some cutting patterns (these dimensions would later on be revised since I wanted a slimmer case) and cut the plywood to size. 

The pieces of wood are glued together, by first glueing the sides and then the top/bottom to finish it off. 

Next up was to round the edges and corners and cut the lid and bottom apart. I used a 1/8″ round over bit.

These are the hardware parts that I’ve used:

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Test Fitting Hardware

Jack plate for power

Drilling holes to fit the power input and switch. I am using the Synthrotek Case Power as my power delivery.

Now comes time for tolex. Instead of opting to use contact cement for the adhesive, I used wood glue and super glue for the edges. This allowed me more freedom to line up the tolex correctly before it settling down. The downside to this method is that it takes way more time than using contact cement.

I’ve also added speaker carpet to line the insides of the case. It really ties in the whole case together and hides the seams of the tolex.


Here is the finished result. I’ve also made a rain cover to protect my case from rain and normal wear and tear.